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1 - Artists & Illustrators - Dozens of favorites from George Petty to Robert Crumb including an extensive listing of 'Sex To Sexty' cartoon/joke magazines. Listed alphabetically by name.
2 - Authors - Bukowski, Ed Wood, all the Sci-fi masters plus Stephen King and many more. Alphabetically by name.
3 - Model Appearances - Nearly 2,000 different names alphabetically!! Covers 1940s to approximately 2000. 


1 - Great Mags On CD - Dozens & dozens of Rare, seldom seen, classic issues featuring the biggest stars. 
2 - Magazines specializing in upper anatomy such as BUF, FLING, GEM , GENT, JUGGS, SCORE and many others. By title. 


Hundreds of stunning art & coffee table books by scores of noted photographers. A good selection of 1950 & 60s 'How To' titles by Fawcett, Whitestone and others. Plus fiction, Pin-ups and much more. 


1 - Adult Cinema & Video Magazines
2 - Autographs - Thousands in stock!
3 - Calendars - Good selection of Modern Calendars, Vintage Caledars, British Calendars and Supermodels. 
4 - Celebrity Confidential 
5 - Celebrity Skin - The original includng all hard to find early issues.
6 - Celebrity Sleuth - includng all hard to find early issues.
7 - Deja-Vu Showgirls - Official magazine of the strip clubs by the same name. 
8 - Entertainment & Show biz magazines.
9 - Esquire - select issues from the 70s and up. 
13 - SPORTS ILLUSTRATED - Swimsuit Issues, Books, Videos, etc.
14 - Videos - Great selection of PLAYBOY videos 
15 - Other Celebrity Mags - one shots, short series & more. 


1 - Art & Photography Magazines. Amateur Screen & Photogrpahy, Art Photogrpahy, Glamour Photography.        1950s & 60s Digest-size "How To" Books and much more.
2 - Digest-size Magazines - Many popular titles from the 50s & 60s such as Foto-rama, Photo, Pic, Picture Scope, Tab, Vue and many others.
3 - Great Mags On CD - Rare, seldom seen, classic issues. Many 1950s digest size magazines featuring Bettie Page and lots of Pin-up mags with Hollywood's biggest stars.
4 - Modern Magazines such as Pin-Up Digest and Tease by Greg Theakston.
5 - Newsstand Magazines. Vintage titles from the 50s & 60s by title - Cabaret, Cover Girl Models, Follies, Frolic, Gala, Jem, Modern Man, Monsieur, Pose, Sir Knight, Spree, Venus and many others. Also a very nice selection of 1950s & 60s action/adventure magazines w/ great illustrated covers. 
6 - Pin-Up Art - Vargas, Petty, Calendars, Blotters and a whole lot more. 
7 - Playing Cards - Full Decks in Boxes, many featuring popular models such as Vicki Kennedy. A good selection including illustrated and photographic images plus miniature & Jumbo decks.
8 - Pocket-size magazines. The little 4" x 6" magazines that were wildly popular during the 50s & 60s. Hundreds & hundreds of issues featuring the most popular titles such as BOLD, FOCUS, POINT, SHOW & TEMPO to name a few. 


1 - British Magazines including extensive runs of MAYFAIR & PARADE as well as LATE NIGHT EXTRA, MENS COLLECTION, SUNDAY SPORT and many others.
2 - German Magazines - from 70s favorites like FRAUEN DER WELT, GIRL SPEZIALITATEN & GONDEL to a great selection of 80s & 90s mags featuring Joanne Latham, Kirsten Imrie, Natalie Jay (aka Natalie Banus), Maria Whittaker and scores of other European models. 
3 - Lui - Great selection of this classic French title covering the mid 70s to mid 80s. 
4 - Assorted titles and issues from over a dozen other countries ranging from 1950s to 1990s. 


Nearly 100 of the rarest and most desirable magazines from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. Each magazine has been scanned page by page at high resolution for crystal clear images suitable for printing. Each magazine is complete on its' own CD for the bargain price of 9.95 each including shipping. Numerous magazines from the most popular categories including Bettie Page, Busty Vixens, Cheesecake, Pin-Ups and more! 


1- 8mm Movies - Hundreds of films from the THE COLLECTION, DIAMOND COLLECTION, LIMITED EDITION, SWEDISH EROTICA and dozens of other companies. 
2 - ADULT COMIX - No comics code seal of approval on these! 
3 - Magazines - All hardcore triple XXX action!
4 - Private Media - Pirate, Private, Private Sex & Triple XXX. The very best European porn and nearly all copies are NEW, never read. 
5 - SUPERSTARS - Candy Samples, John Holmes, Seka and many more. Classic pubs from Swedish Erotica, Gourmet Editions, etc. 
6 - Videos & DVDs - Hundreds of classic porn flicks on VHS tapes, all in original boxes. Includes a selection of European tapes in PAL format. 

NEWSSTAND MAGAZINES - All your favorite titles 

1 - Challenge Publications - CAVALCADE, CLIMAX, NIGHT & DAY and 7 more titles from this popular publisher from the 70s. Alphabetically by title.
2 - Modern Magazines (mid 70s to present) - ADAM, CAVALIER, CHERI, CLUB, GALLERY, GAME, GENESIS, HIGH SOCIETY, HUSTLER, OUI, PENTHOUSE, SWANK and dozens of other titles. By title, listed alphabetically 
3 - Vintage Magazines (1960s and early 70s) - ACE, ADAM, BACHELOR, CAPER, DAPPER, DEBONAIR, DUDE, ESCAPADE, JAGUAR, ROGUE, SIR, TOPPER and dozens of other titles. By title, alphabetically 

PARLIAMENT NEWS, etc. - Hundreds of obscure titles from the 50s to 90s.

1 - Front Covers on CD - Incredible selection of nearly 3000 different magazines including all those listed on this website. All presented in alphabetical, chronological order so you can find what you want quickly and easily.
2 - Parliament News & Other Slicks - Modern. Major titles such as 38-26-34, 40+, Blockbusters, BB&B, Busts+, Kingsize, Knockers & Nipples, LB&L and Party Girls are broken out separately. Hundreds of scarce celebrity covers featuring Roberta Pedon, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Roxanne Brewer, Laura Lynnwood, Nika Movenka and many, many more of your favorite models. In addition to Parliament News titles there is a good selection of other publishers including Briarwood, Marquis, Golden State News plus Acme & Pendulum as well as Eros Goldstripe and Maverick specials. 
3 - Parliament News & Other Slicks - Vintage (1957 - 1968). Many obscure Publishers represented including Beacon, Delilah, Sampson, Sari, Selbee, Tower and others. Many issues of Broadside, Cocktail, French Follies, French Frills, High Time, Madcap, Nightcap, Rapture, Showcase, Snap, Tonight and hundreds of one-shots. Loads of celebrity covers featuring Bonnie Logan, Terry Higgins and June Wilkinson plus Scores of issues w/ Vicki Kennedy, June Palmer, Joan Brinkman and other top models from the late 50s and early 60s.
4 - Parliament News & Other Slicks - Special Categories - A Wide selection of titles covering B&D, S&M, Catfights, Lesbians and much more. A good selection of books & paperbacks from the 70s with artwork by Bill Ward, Eric Stanton and others.