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Adam - v13 #02

2/69 - Great issue has Arlene Charles covers + 2 pgs, Gloria Liska has 6 pgs inc CF, Marianne Faithful has 4 pgs as 'Girl On A Motorcycle' and Lillian Parker has 4 pgs. Kathy Lynn has 6 pgs & Kim Bennett has 3 pgs. Plus an article about Alberto Vargas w/ 2 illos, Cordwainer Bird fiction 'Portrait of an Artist as a Zilch Writer' and 2 small cartoons by Bill Ward. A bit of spine wear but no serious defects - VG. Second copy is missing CF (3 pgs of Gloria).

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Genesis - 1997-01

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Lauren has FC + 10 pgs inc CF. Alyssa Alps has 8 pgs, girlfriends Krista & Lana Cox share 8 pgs. Beth & Sasha each have 8 pgs and Jeanna Fine has a 2 pg profile. Alberto Vargas has 6 illos on 2 pgs - book review. FINE

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