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Julie Newman

aka Medina Court - please see listings under that name.

Girl Illustrated - v7 #58

Girl Illustrated - v7 #58

Product ID: giil-v7.58d
8/75 - Great FC of Roberta Pedon with what appears to be a giant ceramic cat. Loaded with nice pictorials and several familiar faces. Can't tell if the names are real or not since I have no other listings for them. Mandy Brough has 6 pgs inc CF, Julia Winger (aka Cheri Pinegar) has 6 pgs as 'Birgit', Julie Newman has 4 pgs (she also appears in Cavalier 3/80 & 4/81 as 'Delilah'). Kathy Golden has 5 pgs, Miri Ochello, Faith Saint, Sharon Treats, Jan Daniels and Marilyn Hardos each have 4 pgs. Jennie Collins  on BC. Slightly soft upper left corner and some light stresses along top edge - nothing serious. Also a small thin spot on top edge BC where a piece of tape lifted the color from the page. Bright & glossy - VG+

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