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Karen Peters

Slim attractive brunette model from the late 70s. Was Covergirl of MAYFAIR v14 #5 and the US edition of CLUB 9/78 as 'Deniece'.

aka Jill Jordan in 8mm films from The Latent Image.

Club - 1978-09

Covergirl Karen Peters also has 7 pgs as 'Deniece'. Nancy Suiter (as Nicola) has big 9 pg pictorial inc CF. Also Pamela (FC of 8/78) returns w/ 7 pgs and Beth, Marissa and Leiani. A profile of Mario Andretti and a 2pg. illo. by Chris Achilleos.

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The Latent Image - Jill Jordan

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(1978) - Generic white box w/ title stamped on flap. Full lead in w/ title, run time 12:40. Slim attractive brunette w/ fairly long hair, this model is better known as Karen Peters. She was Covergirl of Mayfair v14 #5 and the US edition of Club 9/78 as 'Deniece'. All solo action - titty play, spread leg posing, no hardcore. Film quality and color are very good. Super 8

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