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Andie Stewart-p

Busty dark haired model/dancer from the mid 90s.

Name is someitmes spelled w/ variations such as Andi or Stuart (Juggs 1/97)

    Leg Show - 1996-06

    Leg Show - 1996-06

    Andi Stewart has FC + 8 pgs inc CF. Brinke Stevens has 7 pgs, Vivienne has 8 pgs, Channone & Tanya each have 6 pgs. Tasha Blades & Tom Byron have 6 pgs, Cindy Rella (Marilyn Star?) & boyfriend have 7 pgs and girlfriends Jo, Lissa & Kataine share 7 pgs in an underwater catfight. Elmer Batters has 4 pgs of color photos and a short feature on the Glamourcon Show in Burbank. FINE+ copy is very bright & glossy, barely touched! VG+ copy is bright & glossy, has clean 1" split at bottom of spine, TINY corner bump.

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