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Christie Lyons

aka Sonia, Sonia Isaacs, Sonia Ivan

Genesis - 1987-02

Product ID: gene1987-02b
Covergirl Alison also has 8 pgs. Theresa Jane has 10 pgs inc CF as 'Cassy'. Christie Lyons has 8 pgs as 'Astrid'. Lisa Matheny has 8 pgs and Luisa has 7 pgs. Photo-Interview w/ actor Tom Hanks. Article about the Religion business - televangelists and a feature on truck races. FINE+

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Mayfair - V21.07

Sonia Isaacs has FC + 11 pgs inc CF as 'Christie Lyons'. Tania Harris has 7 pgs, Susan Richards & Vicki Patterson each have 6 pgs, Madeleine Webb has 4 pgs. A feature on Brough autos and an article on nuclear submarine disasters. Also 'Carrie' a 2 pg color comic strip.

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