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Welcome to RIVER OF FILTH - what we hope you will find to be THE best site on the Internet. Here is one stop shopping for all your favorite books, magazines, videos and the latest DVDs. Everything you might want in the world of glamor and beauty.

Our stock consists of over 100,000 adult magazines, books, videos, calendars, autographs and other items too numerous to mention. Included are nearly all issues of most major newsstand titles from the 50s to the present. These are listed in convenient categories, with the individual issues of each title presented in true chronological order. To achieve this all issues are listed by title, followed by a dash and then the date in YYYY-MM format. For those magazines using the volume and number format you wil find them listed as title, dash, V (followed by the volume number), then a dot and the number of the issue (e.g. - MAYFAIR-V21.7) For long running series such as the "Best of" various titles, additional zero(es) have been added to the issue number as necessary to insure proper choronological placement.

The contents of each individual magazine have been thoroughly researched and noted. Included are all major model appearances, significant authors, illustrators, interviews and much more. All of the listings for special features have been cross-referenced in the section titled "Celebrity Listings". Just scroll down the list of names until you find the model of your choice (the list may take a moment to load as it consists of over 1,500 names and is constantly growing). Just click on the name and you will get an alpha/chrono list of everything currently in stock featuring that model. In nearly all cases the length of the appearance is noted in full pages. Individual photos, thumbnails, partial pages, ads and anything less than a full page have generally NOT been included in the page count. Appearances containing Centerfolds (a single 2 page photo at the center of the magazine unless otherwise noted) list the total number of pages including the Centerfold.

Common abbreviations used in magazine listings include: FC = Front cover; BC = Back Cover; CF = Centerfold; B&W = Black & White; C = Color; Pg = Page(s); w/ = with; inc = including

Please be patient as many of the lists are quite lengthy and may take a moment to load. Individual magazine listings will only show a price if there is one copy of the book in stock. Otherwise use the "Choose One" feature to get a drop down of all the different grades available.

GRAPHCIS - Or the lack of. The design of this site has deliberately been kept simple and free of unnecessary graphics for numerous reasons. While we regret any inconvenience this may cause it is simply not possible in this lifetime for one person to post all of the graphics which might be of interest or requested. Requests for scans, photos, or other graphic material wil not be answered. There are plans for a photo gallery to be added that will include front covers of all magzines listed as well as 1000s of unpublished photos from the 60s - 90s - watch for an announcement in the What's New section at the appropriate time.

PRIVACY POLICY - ROF is in the business of selling books and magazines, not collecting personal information. We do not collect any information that is not necessary for the processing of your order and we do not sell or share that information with anyone. We may from time to time use the information to send you notices regarding products of ours that may be of interest to you.