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Penelope Parker-p

Trim blonde, occassional brunette, with short hair. Very popular model from the early 80s with multiple appearnces as Covergirl & Centerfold.

Appeared under many different names, often anonymously or with just one name, the most common being Jill. The name Jill Russo is from Girls of Penthouse #20 (dated 9/86) and is the closest thing I can find to a real name that is used more than once.

Penelope Parker was the name used in Mayfair v17 #3

Also known as Jill Dershon but I don't know where that name comes from. I have cataloged dozens of apps and have never seen this name used - could be of European origin.

Sometimes called Jackie Monroe - she appeared as the Centerfold in High Society 12/80 under that name.

Front cover appearances include CHERI 4/81 & 9/82 - both as Paulette, KNAVE 1/81, HUSTLER 1/81, LIVE 10/83 and GIRLS OF PENTHOUSE #20 (9/86).

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