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Brandy Chapman-p

Popular mid 70s model w/ long frizzy red hair. Was on FC of both All Man & Rascal for 6/73, CF of Man's Delight 3/74. Looks kind of like Kathie Welch.

Cavalcade - 1973-07

v13 #7 - Heather Johnson has FC + 5 pgs inc CF, Toby Wenig (aka Michelle Weiner) has 4 pgs as 'Bess Weiner'. Ann Burchfield (CF of Night & Day 10/73) has 6 pgs, Marie Gardetto has 7 pgs and Brandy Chapman has 3 pgs as 'Diane'. Plus 6 more girls w/ 1 name and a movie review of 'Space Thing'. Bright & glossy - Fine 

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Climax - 1972-11

Product ID: clim1972-11c
v18 #11 - Barbara Davis has 6 pgs inc CF, Brandy Chapman has 6 pgs as 'Brandy Lyman'. Plus  4 more girls w/ only 1 name and a pair of 2-girl sets. Bright, shiny FINE

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