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Marie Deveraux

Busty British model from the 50s & 60s (real name Pat Sutcliffe) and a favorite of Harrison Marks. Probably most famous as the stand-in for Liz Taylor in the movie 'Cleopatra' but appeared in numerous other films from the late 50s - early 60s. Not to be confused w/ another Harrison Marks model named Monique Devereaux.

Gala - 1957-05

Gala - 1957-05

Good issue w/ lots of top models! Covergirl Maureen Davies also has 2 pgs, Kathy Lodge is the CF. Jean Jani, Marilyn Hanold, Lili Lisande, Marie Devereux, Texas Sheridan, Donalda Jordan and Dana Craig each have 2 pgs. Greta Thyssen, Mary Ann Such and Tonya Shreve each have 1 pg, Plus lots of other models inc Blaze Starr, Gloria Pall and Joanne Arnold. VG++ copy is clean and bright w/ a few minor stresses. Good copy has some normal wear, price written in upper right corner but no serious defects.

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