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Marilyn Davis-p

Busty blond model with shoulder length hair in a kind of page-boy style. Appeared in mid to late 70s issues of BUF, FLING, GEM, GENT and a slew of PN slicks from the same time frame. Often billed as just 'Marilyn'

Was Covergirl of 38-26-34 v15.1, 40rty Plus v10.4 and GEM 11/75; CF of Block Busters v8.1 and 40rty Plus v7.1. Also FLING Girl for the issue of 3/76 as Marilyn Brown.

38-26-34 - v13.4

38-26-34 - v13.4

Product ID: modvd-38-26-13.4
(1976) - Juanita has FC + 4 pgs. Yum Yum has BC + 6 pgs inc CF as 'Carolyn', Sylvia McFarland has 4 pgs as 'Honey', Marilyn Davis has 4 pgs as 'Diane', Candy Samples has 2 pgs as 'Nadine', Janey Reynolds and Karla Klein each have a full pg pic. Plus Terry, Black model Geraldine, and Gaye each have 4 pgs.
This issue was reprinted as Kingsize International (UK Edition) v1 #9.

Please note that this item is a CD - NOT the magazine itself.

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Block Busters - v10.2

Product ID: pn-Block Busters - v10.2b
(1981) - Yet another reprint issue. This is the same as 38-26-34 v16 #3 from 1979 w/ new covers and 2 pgs of new ads. Joyce Gibson has excellent 8 pg feature of vintage photos inc a color CF! Bobbi Hall has 8 pgs, Ann Chevolt has 6 pgs as 'Cindy Ellen', Marilyn Davis has 3 pgs, plus several new girls and full pg pics of Kitten Natividad and Linda Gordon. Barely touched - FINE+

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