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Tina Turner

Club - 1975-06

Nicky Stanton has FC + 5 pgs as 'Zena Stendhoom'. Twins Sharon & Yvonne have 9 big pgs inc CF - they are also FC & CF of Men Only v40.05. Anita Hemmings has 6 pgs as 'Robyn', Denise Denny has 7 pgs as 'Janine' & Bliss has 4 pgs. A 7 pg pictorial of 3 separate girls in Greece features Lia, Mary & Stephanie Marrian and Fiona Richmond visits New York. Also a Tina Turner interview, Chris Achilleos has 2 full page illos, an article about Irezumi (Japanese tattoos) and the Rolls Royce Camargue. Milly Molly  comic strip 4 pgs and Karl Steiner writes about Masochism.

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