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Babbett(e), Bodacious Babbette-p

Busty model from the mid 90s. Name is usually spelled w/ a final 'e' (Hustler Busty Beauties 6/99) and sometimes without the 'e' (Hustler Busty Beauties Summer Spectacular 1993). Also often referred to as 'Bodacious' Babbette.

aka Betsy (not Betty) Boobs - CLUB 3/93, GENT 5/93, JUGGS 2/97 - see additional listings under this name.

D-Cup - 1997-03

D-Cup - 1997-03

Product ID: dcup1997-03c
Rochelle has FC + 12 pgs, Erica has 10 pgs inc CF. Chloe Vevrier shares 9 pgs w/ Effie + Natalia, Sana Fay has 10 pgs. Bodacious Babbette has 8 pgs, Melody Foxxe has 6 pgs, Candy Andes also has 6 pgs, Heather Hooters 4 pg Interview w/ pics, Sandra Summers & boyfriend have 10 pgs. Lightly read, very bright & glossy - FINE

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