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Missy Dell-p

Very Busty model popular during the mid to late 70s who almost always appeared with fairly long straight blonde hair and bangs (a wig?) . She appeared in all the major titles and numerous PN type slicks. One particular photo shoot of her in a white bustier w/ white nylons was used in a number of different mags.

This is another girl who you need to be a detective to figure out. She often appeared anonymously or under a variety of names. Sherri Mason is from FLING 9/77 & 1/78.

In GENT mags she was Missy Dell (1977 Annual) and also Stacy Rule (4/77)

She appeared as just Stacy in THE BUF SWINGER 8/78 and also ALL MAN 8/76.

aka Stacy Cruise but I am unable to determine the source for that ID.

Because of the confusion surrounding a proper ID I have chosen to use Sherri Mason for all of her apps - please see listings under that name.

And just to add to the confusion some sources also say she is known as Taffy Kirk. What makes this interesting is that in at least 2 of the mags where she appears (Fling 9/77 as Sherri Mason and the 1977 GENT ANNUAL as Missy Dell) there ARE other photo sets of a model named Taffy Kirk. In both of them she has long straight brunette hair and it appears she is the same girl. Without additional evidence to verify this I have a separate listing for Taffy Kirk under which those apps are included. 

Any additional information would be appreciated.


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