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8mm Movies

NOW AVAILABLE - CLASSIC 8mm films from the 60s, 70s and 80s. We have hundreds and hundreds of these featuring all of your favorite models and stars. From 1960s B&W bump and shake to a wide variety of classic porn.

These are standard length (41.7 to 45 M or approximately 150') on 200' reels with running time of about 7 minutes. All standard 8mm unless noted as Super 8 - no sound. Regular 8 film has larger sprocket holes and they are closer together than on super 8 film.


Nearly all of these are part of a series released by a single company such as Diamond Collection or Swedish Erotica, and are listed by the series title and film number. Actual titles of the individual films (if known) will be given in the description of the item. There are also a few one shots listed by title only.


All films are complete including at least some lead-in, and in most cases excellent condition. Any significant defects (there are not many) will be noted.


All films in original box/packaging. All are basically in nice shape - especially considering their age, and again, any significant defects will be noted. Price stickers and minimal amounts of writing are considered normal and not noted.


Films have been divided into 2 main categories based on their packaging. The first group of premium films came in high quality, full color, glossy boxes. These are larger boxes - usually 6" x 7", but many variations exist - and generally have a separate plastic or styrofoam tray to hold the film.


The second group of films came in standard 5" x 5" boxes, and there are several variations of these. From generic plain white cardboard to molded plastic with lift-off lids. These boxes just hold the roll of film and there is no separate tray. See individual items for more detailed descriptions.