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Shirley Bowman-p

Very buxom brunette model from the early 70s. Appeared in several issues of FLING, GENT 6/72 and THE SWINGER8/71 and was CF of NIGHT & DAY 12/72. Usually appeared under this name or just Shirley.

Gent - Special # 32

Gent - Special # 32

Product ID: gent-spec.032d
Spring 1993 issue titled 'Natural D-Cups' (this could possibly be #31 or 33, it is not numbered). Except for the 70s models this appears to be all new material not published in regular monthly issues. Ingrid Barsby has FC + 6 pgs (pics are from same photo shoot as 8/92 but diff) and Sasha has 8 pgs inc CF. Nice section on vintage models has 2 pgs each of Dean Ackerlund & Shirley Bowman plus Barbara Miller has 3 pgs. Also Devon Daniels has 6 pgs (pics from same shoot as 7/92 but diff), Shona MacTavish & Kerry each have 8 pgs and Nilli Willis & Gina (same girl as 11/92 but diff pics) each have 7 pgs. Very bright & glossy, some stresses and small bump on top right corner - VG+

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