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Joanie Allum

Cheri - 1978-10

Product ID: cheri1978-10e
Joanie Allum has FC & BC - different pics. Bernice has 7 pgs inc CF, Angela Jay has 5 pgs as 'Laura', plus 6 other one name wonders or poor girls w/ no name at all and a pair of babes washing a car. Also a 4 pg color comic strip 'Sexual Mutant'. VG

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Club - 1976-06

Joanie Allum has FC + 6 pgs as 'Dana' - same pics as Men Only v41.5, Lilith (last name Leon in MEN ONLY v41 #5) has 9 pgs inc CF. Plus 3 girls in a sauna, a couple in a Panther DeVille v.12 and a pictorial feature on the Raymond Revue Bar. Also, the Jaguar XTS, Fiona in France and Karl Steiner is 'Bound To Please'. Olivia de Berardinis has a 2 pg. illo 'Ladies in Waiting'

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Mayfair - V20.07

Product ID: mayf-v20.07c
Covergirl is Joanie Allum. Suzi (Susie) Chang has 11 pgs inc CF. Debbie Jordan has 6 pgs, Felicity Harrison also has 6 pgs. Alice Cooper & Joan burgess each have 5 pgs, Mandy Harvey has 4 pgs. A big 9 pg pictorial of the girls from the James Bond movie 'A View to a Kill'. A feature on Jowett autos and an article on the German cruiser Emden. Also 'Carrie' a 2 pg color comic strip.FINE

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