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Claire King-p

British model from the early 90s w/ medium to long blonde hair. Was Covergirl & CF of CLUB 4/92 and CF of 5/93 as Claire. Was Covergirl w/ pictorial of GENESIS 12/92 and CF of 10/93 as 'Louise'.

also known as Kim Wetherby - appeared in MAYFAIR v26 #8 (was CF) and V26 #10 under this name.

    Genesis - 1992-12

    Claire King has FC + 8 pgs as 'Louise' (she is also CF of 10/93), Toni has 9 pgs inc CF. K.C. Williams has 8 pgs, Tracy has 8 pgs and girlfriends Jennie & Victoria share 8 pgs. Sharon Hawthorne has 6 pgs and Qwi Lin has 4 pgs. Article about security devices.

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    Genesis - 1993-10

    Product ID: gene1993-10d
    Jo Guest has FC + 8 pgs as 'Susan'. Jo Guest also has a separate 8 pg feature w/ Jane Botham (as Hedda & Roselyn). Claire King has 12 pgs inc CF as 'Louise' (she was FC w/ 8 pgs in 12/92). Heather Fox has 11 pgs. Suzanne Brando as 'Abra' (CF of 6/92 & 11/93) has 9 pgs w/ boyfriend. Also a 2 pg article about Seka w/ a couple of pics. Article about combat simulators VG+

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