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Ann Lanier

Silicone sweetie from the late 60s - early 70s. Appeared in numerous adult films and dozens of magazines. Better known as Bambi Allen - please see listings under that name.

Modern Man - Special #55

Modern Man - Special #55

Product ID: modm-spec.55d
Yearbook of Queens - Mid-Summer 1969. Another big 88 pg issue. Joyce Gibson has both covers - same pic. Betty Marr has a 2 pg color foldout on heavy stock paper. Susan Smyth has 5 pgs, Penny Stewart, Suzy Conway (is Jullie Holden??), Janett Kanter, Anastasia West, Angela Deneuve, Madelene Lantz, Pat O'Neal and Ginger Meadows each have 4 pgs. Karla Korine (is Karla Klein), Phyllis Rossback and Lorna Carroll each have 3 pgs. Michelle Nelson, Jill Barger, Joelle, Lillian Parker, Kerstin Hansen, Dorinda Clark (is Michelle Brentford), Robin Healy, Ann Lanier, Roxanne Lee, Vicky West, Bambi Allen, Jane Rayan, Vivi Kraik, Wendy Hollister and Linda Mason each have 2 pgs. Gene Gillian, Candy Carter and Maya Zell each have a full pg color pin-up. Extremely bright & glossy, a few 'thumb' marks, covers have veritcal stress lines about 1/4" inch in from spine - VG+

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