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Dardy Orlando

Statuesque platinum blonde 50s stripper was Lili St. Cyr's younger sister, also married Harold Minsky.

Frolic - 1953-04

Frolic - 1953-04

Product ID: frol1953-04d
Suzette Miller is the CF. Lily St. Cyr & her sister, Dardy Orlando share 2 pgs - each has 3 pics. Trudy Williams, Gene Courtney, Margot Lawrence, Dorothy Haller, Cynthia Brooks, Bobby Bruce and Eve Arnold each have 2 pgs, Joanne Arnold, Winnie Garrett, Busty Brown, Dolores Medlin and Sylvia McKay each have  a page. Plus dozens of other top models. Bright & glossy, some spine stresses and small letter 'L' written in top left corner - VG+

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