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In addition to a monthly magazine PLAYBOY produced an extremely wide range of products over many decades. I have 2 separate websites devoted to these items. The website www.pbmags.com is basically for paper items such as back issues of the magazine, calendars, hardcover & paperback books, Playmate autographs and much more.

The website www.playboycollectables.com is primarily for non-paper items such as bar and glassware, items from the clubs & casinos, jigsaw puzzles and things of that nature.

  • Playboy Collector Cards - Celebrity Sets
    Playboy Collector Cards were originally issued in Monthly Sets - January thru December. Each set contained 120 regular issue cards - 3 for each issue from the first 40 years of publication. In other words, The January set had 3 cards for every January issue from 1954 - 1993, The February set had 3 cards for each February issue from 1954 - 1993 and so on.

    In addition to the 120 regular cards described above, each set also had 4 gold foil subsets that were issued in much smaller quantities. One of the subsets was a 6 card set of a Playmate of the Year. The other 3 subsets were 3 cards each and featured celebrities who had appeared in Playboy magazine.  

    Those limited edition gold foil subsets are what is listed in this section. For information and prices regarding complete monthly sets please visit my collector card page on my pbmags.com website click here