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Bunny Bergman-p

Very busty blond model from late 70s - early 80s, has small rabbit head tattoo on upper thigh. Appeared mainly in PN type slicks but the name "Bunny Bergman" is from FLING magazine.

aka Jodi, Jody English

Fling - Special #03

Fling - Special #03

1982 - D-Cup Contest - Covergirl is Geri Mandel aka Maryanne. Loaded w/ your favorite models. Kitten Natividad has 5 pgs, Bunny Bergman and Liz Nicholson each have 5 pgs. Katrina Ferguson, Patty Marshall, Cindy Stewart (aka Vicki Harris), Valerie Washington and Julie Darrow each have 6 pgs. Toby Wenig (aka Michelle Weiner) and Jackie Orsani each have 3 pgs. Good copy - well read, top right corner soft, small chip off BC.

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