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Linda Soren-p

Busty brunette model from the mid 70s who appeared in all the major boob mags as well as PN type slicks. Often billed as just Linda or under fictitious single names or anonymously. Retrospectives in GENT Special 1995 #4 and JUGGS 3/98 both list last name as Soren.

Also known as 'Olivia'

Boobs, Busts & Bazooms - v04.2 (302)

Product ID: pn-bb&b-v04.2c
(1975) - Loretta The Mystery Girl has FC + full pg color pic and several more. Sylvia McFarland has awesome full pg color pic + full pg 'contact sheet' of 12 pics and several more. Candy Samples has full pg color pic + 5 more. Julia Winger (aka Cheri Pinegar) on BC + full pg 'contact sheet' of 12 pics and more. Linda Soren has full pg color pic, Roberta Pedon full pg 'contact sheet' of 12 pics, Karen Brown has full pg 'contact sheet' of 12 pics + others. Roxanne Brewer has a bunch of pics, Joyce Gibson and Nika Movenka each have several. Loads of other top models as well. Very light wear, bright & shiny - FINE

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