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Su Ling

Block Busters - v07.2

Product ID: pn-Block Busters - v07.2c
(1977) - Mary Waters has FC + 6 pgs inc CF as 'Ginger', Sylvia McFarland has 4 pgs as 'Linda', Uschi Digard has 4 pgs as 'Olivia', Yum Yum on BC + 4 pgs as 'Gail', Su Ling has 4 pgs, Also, Joyce Spaeth has 2 pgs as 'Violet', Roberta Pedon has a full pg pic + 1 more, Janice Hurst has a full pg pic and several more girls too. Few light stresses - bright & shiny - FINE

This issue was reprinted as Kingsize International (UK Edition) v2 #11.

This issue was also reprinted as BIG JUICY JUGS v5 #4 in 1981.

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