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Rebecca York

Slim blonde model from the late 70s w/ fairly long curly hair.

    Oui - 1978-12

    Covergirl is Olivia Paddon as 'Lenka Novak'. Rebecca York has 10 pgs inc CF as 'Toni Turner'. Singing Duo 'Blonde on Blonde' (Nina Carter & Jilly Johnson) has 10 pgs, Ann has 6 pgs and Lori has 5 pgs. Interview w/ comedian Martin Mull. Articles about jailhouse lawyer Jerome Rosenberg and 'News They Refuse to Print'. Also My Life as a LA Rams Cheerleader by Lissa Morrow and 'The Thrill Is Gone' by former player Lance Rentzel. Clive Collins has a 1/2 pg cartoon.

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    Penthouse - 1979-01

    Product ID: pent1979-01d
    Victoria Lynn Johnson FC only. Dusty Jackson has 13 pgs inc CF. Rebecca York has 10 pgs (anonymously), Charlotte & Emily have 12 pg pictorial. Interview w/ Mtabudo Joshua Nkomo of Rhodesia. Articles about the last days of Rhodesia, the German Psychiatric Holocaust and tape decks. Oh Wicked Wanda 8 pg comic strip. VG+
    Mag contains 8 pg detachable poster of Pet of the Year Dominique Maure.

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