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Marlene Wooden-p

Popular model from the early 70s. Another girl who had a different name every time you saw her. Although her natural hair color is dark she did extensive modeling in a blonde wig with braids - often under the name Marlene. Was a frequent Covergirl and/or CF.

Was Covergirl and CF of Modern Man 1/70 - both with dark hair, but this issue also contains pics of her in the blonde wig. She also appeared in Cabaret Queens #26 under this name, also with dark hair and was in Modern Man special #60 and Pix 11/71 both as Alice Adams in the blonde wig. Was Covergirl of Man's Pleasure 12/71 & 9/77 (diff pics) and Pix 10/73 and appeared in Tiger #28 as Marlene Blair and Adam 5/74 as just Marlene, all in the blonde wig.

Other apps w/ dark hair include the cover of Mr. 10/72 and the cover of Tiger #27 as Eve O'Hara. She was CF of Swank 6/72 as Marlene Stivily and appeared in 3 issues of Film & Figure under 3 different name - v8 #1 (BC & CF as Nita), v8 #2 (BC + 6 pgs inc CF as Joni) and v9 #1 (4 pgs as Lee). 

Because there are so many diff names to choose from I have listed all of her apps under the name Eve Bowers.


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