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Gilda (James)

Was child star 'Shirley Jean' of the 'Our Gang' comedy troop of the 1930s. Became burlesque performer in adult life - best known as just Gilda.

Carnival - 1956-10

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v2 #10 has Pierson Carroll FC + 4 pgs of pics. Virginia De Lee has big 8 pg feature, stripper Lynne O'Neill has 6 pgs, Lita Baron has inside FC + 4 pgs, Gilda has BC + 4 pgs. Features on Voodoo sex secrets, The Brass Monkey Command - Thule (Greenland) Air Force Base, Sheikh Abdullah - the world's Greatest sinner and more. Date stamp on FC, avg wear - VG

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Modern Man - 1956-04

Killer Jayne Mansfield FC by Peter Gowland + 4 more pgs. Betty Brosmer IFC Pin-up. Gilda has 4 pgs. Fine copy is very clean, flat, tight - nice!

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