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The Big 4

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BUF - Was originally titled 'The Swinger'; which was changed to 'The BUF Swinger' with the issue of 12/74 and then later shortened to just 'BUF' beginning with the issue of 5/79. Front cover photos of EVERY issue from #1 (5/68) thru 1986 except for 4/69, 12/78 and 9/85.

FLING - Began in 1957 as a digest size magazine. A second, full-size series began in 1959 titled 'Fling Festival - not to be confused with late 60s special issues of the same name. Front cover photos of 14 of 17 digest size issues (no 2, 8, 16) and ALL 180 full size issues from 1959 thru 1993 except for 11/91 & 5/92. Also includes Fling Festivals from 1967 - 1970, Fling International from 1993-1995 and many special issues.

GEM - The first issue was slightly oversize, dated 4/68 and featured a fantastic Michelle Angelo FC. Front cover photos of EVERY issue from #1 (5/68) thru 1983 except for 4 issues from 1969 and 9/70.

GENT - First issue was September, 1956. Format changed to focus on boobs with issue of 10/68. Front cover photos of all issues from #1 thru 8/68 except for a handful from 1963 - 1967. From 10/68 to 6/2000 missing only 7/86!Also includes nearly all Annuals & Yearbooks plus over 50 special issues.

All total this CD contains over 100 years of the best boob magazines ever published - nearly 1,000 images, all in JPEG format. File size varies but average is about 100KB.

It includes dozens upon dozens of rare and classic Front Covers from 5 decades. Issue after issue featuring Front Covers of Roberta Pedon, Uschi, Arlene Bell, Roxanne Brewer, Laura Lynwwod, Joan Brinkman, Penny Ellington, Nika Movenka and the list goes on. Why do you suppose you rarely see any of these?? Now you can see any or all of them any time you please.

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