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Betsy Boobs-p

Alias used by busty model from the mid 90s also known as Babbette or Bodacious Babbette. This name seems to have been used almost interchangably w/ Babbette. These are listings where she appeared as Betsy Boobs - for additional listings see Babbette.

Not to be confused with Betty Boobs - they are 2 different girls.

Club - 1993-03

Product ID: club1993-03c
Covergirl is Dee Ivens. Nicole Simmons has 9 pgs inc CF - pics from same photo shoot as Genesis 8/94. Charlotte Langley has 7 pgs, Gaynor Bell has 5 pgs and Betsy Boobs (aka Bodacious Babette) & boyfriend Mickey have 5 pgs. Teresa has 6 pgs, Joanne has 5 pgs and Jane has 4 pgs. Girlfriends Claire King & Tracy share 7 pgs and Helen has 6 pgs w/ Steve. FINE

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Gent - 1993-05

Product ID: gent1993-05a
Lisa Lipps FC + 9 pgs inc CF, Zornya Dreams has 7 pgs, LuLu Devine has 6 pgs, Candy Cummings has 7 pgs, Stephanie Ebert has 6 pgs, Tanya Tatas has 7 pgs, Betsy Boobs has 6 pgs w/ boyfriend, Chrissy Paris 1 Interview w/ pic. Magazine is in great condition, appears new, unread - absolutely gorgeous! FINE++

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