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1950s blonde bombshell starred in the 1960 horror film 'Tormented'. Also appeared in numerous TV shows from the late 50s - 60s. First name usually appears as Julie w/ an 'e' but correct spelling is Juli without the 'e'.

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    Modern Man - Special #12

    Modern Man - Special #12

    Product ID: modm-spec.12d
    Quarterly - Fall 1958. Monique van Vooren has 4 pgs, Gerry Kederick has 3 pgs and Charlene James, Ziva Rodann, Julie Redding, Claire Kelly & Dane Arden each have 2 pgs. Plus 10 pgs of nude figure studeis inc a full pg color pic of Virginia de Lee and full pg pics of Ann Peters & Lynn Shaw. Features on Minerva autos from Belgium, Navy mine layers and unusual pistols. Extremely bright & glossy, lightly read, almost new but has a vertical line near right edge of FC of very faint (almost invisible) indentations from the wire spiral of another book, same also near left edge on BC and a light bump at top of spine on BC and last 1/3 of book - VG++

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