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Pamela Jones-p

Busty model w/ reddish brown shoulder length hair popular in late 70s to early 80s. Appeared under a variety of single names and often anonymously. 

Appeared under this name in several issues of GENT magazine including 8/80, 9/81 & 3/83. 

Was in MAYFAIR v14 #9 as Carol Williams and is apparently well known by that name as well.

Was Becky Thompson in FLING 7/79 and Covergirl of 11/79.

Also regularly appeared in a number of PN type slicks - often w/ only a first name or none at all. Was Featured on FC, CF and large pictorial in BUSTS+ v2 #3 and FCs of Mother Jugs v1 #1 and Tit Man v5 #4 and the BC of Whoppers v2 #3.

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aka Julisa

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