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Gina Graham-p

Busty blonde British model popular from the mid 60s to early 70s. Was Covergirl and featured in BEAU v1 #1 (4/66), Covergirl w/ pictorial in MODERN MAN 1/63 and Covergirl of PN mag KINGSIZE v1 #1 (1970). Also appeared in GEM 1/69. Also known as Chris Carter but most of her apps I've found have been under the name Gina Graham. Was married to photographer Ken Williams and may also be known as Chris Williams.

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Modern Man - Special #34

Modern Man - Special #34

Product ID: modm-spec.34f
Quarterly - Fall 1965.  The Best of Modern Man. Ursula Andress has both covers - same pic + 3 pgs. Mamie van Doren, Jane Dolinger, June Palmer and Cee Cee Collins each have 4 pgs. Elke Sommer, June Wilkinson, Jayne Mansfield, Eva Six, Carroll Baker, Ann Terry, Eve Eden, Suzanne Baxter and Gina Graham each have 3 pgs. Judy Treadway, Virginia Gordon, Penny Stratton, Diane Webber, Virginia Rogers and Annette Casir each have 2 pgs. Bright & glossy, some stresses on covers. Mag has some 'rippling' from moisture but no marks or stuck pgs - Good

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