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Dawn Harris-p

Busty dark haired (medium length, straight, with distinctive bangs) model from mid 70s. Appeared in numerous PN type slicks & foreign mags as well as Challenge pubs and newsstand titles.

Was Betsy in GENT magazines inc 5/80, Dawn in CAVALCADE 9/73, Dawn Harris in SHOWPIECE v1 #4. Most notable app was 1/2 FC (other half is Roxanne Brewer) of SUGAR & SPICE v3 #1 plus 30 pages of pics.

She is apparently better known as simply 'Heather' - please see listings under that name.

aka Queenie

King Size

King Size

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Digest size, No date (late 70s),  from Intex-Nederland B.V. This one says 'Candy' in the top right corner of the FC and has 64 pgs, 16 in color. All full pg photos except for 2 double page pics. Is absolutely loaded with busty babes Galore! Wendy Smith (aka Geraldine) has excellent color FC + 4 full pg color pics. Katrina Lane with dark hair has 4 color pgs inc CF, Dean Ackerlund is on BC. Laura Lynnwood has 6 pgs, Nika Movenka has 4 pgs, Dawn Harris (aka Heather) has 3 pgs, Rosalie Strauss and Heather Collins each have 2 pgs, Roberta Pedon has 1 pg. Marie Queen has 13 pgs. Very bright & glossy, barely touched - FINE+

Please note: this mag is also available on a DVD - see the Great Mags section


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