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Lydia Taylor-p

Busty model from the late 60s - early 70s w/ short dark hair in a sort of 'flip'. Was Covergirl of MODERN MAN 12/66 & 9/67, CAVALCADE 1/71 (as Susan Frost) and VUE 1/70, also CF of MAN TO MAN 9/67 as 'Anna Strand'. Other aliases include Linda Stevens (usually as a blonde - GENT 2/71 CF) and Susan Bridge.

Debonair - 1974-04

Debonair - 1974-04

Product ID: debo1974-04d
v3 #5 - Has nice FC of Dominique Prevot. Nancy Robinson has 6 pgs inc CF, Susan & Elaine each have 6 pgs. Annik Borel has 4 pgs as 'Anneh', Sandy Mayer has 4 pgs as 'Maria'. Lydia Taylor has 3 pgs as 'Tina Jason'. Tempty & Lee each have 4 pgs, Rene Bond has 1 pic. Harlan Ellison fiction 'A Friend to Man'.  Nice VG+

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