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Jean Harlow

Beau - 1966-10

Product ID: beau1966-10c
v1 #5 has wonderful Sophia Loren FC + 3 pg feature (reprint of Modern Man 2/57).Tina Maddison has big 6 pg feature inc color CF, Jean Harlow also has 6 pgs, Cleo Simmons and Lisa Petersen each have 3 pgs, Jane Dolinger hitch hikes across Europe and a 4 pg review of European 'Sin'ema Also articles on French pin-up artist Pierre Brenot, Richard Burton, Barnstormers and Autos shot from a cannon! Bottom right corner slightly soft otherwise very bright and glossy - Fine

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Modern Man - 1965-02

Product ID: modm1965-02d
Jean Harlow has great 6 pg feature, Jane Dolinger has 3 pgs as Doll of the Month, Bowling Strippers inc Beverly Hills, plus full pg pics of Colettte Berne and Cleo Moore. VG+

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