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Lorna Mayfield

Blonde British model from the late 80s. Was Covergirl of MAYFAIR v23 #1.

aka Kim McCoy - was in MAYFAIR v23 #4 w/ this name.

    Cheri - 1988-09

    Product ID: cheri1988-09b
    Maria Whittaker beautiful FC + 6 pgs. Stephanie Rage has 6 pgs. Caroline Barker has 8 pgs inc CF, Lorna Mayfield has 6 pgs as 'Joey'. Also a huge 16 pg feature on the Girls of Florida plus Jackie, Donna & Dina. Fine+

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    Cheri - 1988-11

    Suzanne Mizzi FC only. Lauren (was in 6/88) has 8 pgs inc CF. Blondi has 6 pgs. Andrea Clark (as 'Suzie') shares 6 pgs w/ Carla. Amber Lynn has 3 pgs. Lorna Mayfield has 6 pgs as 'Joey' - she was also in 9/88. A return engagement of Sally Anne Balaam w/ 6 pgs as 'Patty' (from 4/88) plus Karen, Lorelie & Toni.

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