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Gaynor Goodman-p

Popular blonde British model from the late 80s - early 90s. Was a frequent covergirl - MAYFAIR v25 #8 and v26 #8, several issues of the US edition of Club International and numerous British & European mags.

Club Int. - 1988-10

Product ID: clubint1988-10b
Gaynor Goodman has great FC. Janine has 8 pgs inc CF. Girlfriends Maggie & Elizabeth share 8 pgs, Blake Palmer & Kelley have 8 pgs, Julianne has 7 pgs, Susie has 5 pgs and Andrea Clarke has 4 pgs - letters column w/ pics. Plus Seka's Fantasy Line, a Corvette hot rod and swinger ads. Fine+

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Club Int. - 1990-03

Gaynor Goodman FC (same pic as FC of MAYFAIR v26 #8). Sammy-Jo has 8 pgs inc CF. Candi Evans has 6 great pages. Julianne James & Krystina King share 8 pgs. Girlfriends Jane & Helen share 6 pgs, Kim and Sharon (she is also in 7/90) each have 4 pgs.

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