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Anita Taylor-p

Mid 70s model w/ fairly long straight black hair - looks possibly American Indian or Latino.

Duke - 1973-09

Duke - 1973-09

Product ID: duke1973-09b
v5 #4 - Busty 70's Classic, Loads of familiar faces in this one. Loretta has 6 pgs inc CF, Juana Malaga & Shirley each have 6 pgs. Heather Collins on inside FC, Anne Ali has 4 pgs as 'Carmen'. Anita Taylor has 2 pgs as 'Felice', Hilde Alexandra has 2 pgs as 'Bertha Bottomly' and Chris Chandler (aka Shirley Grinnell) has 2 pgs as platinum blonde 'Sheri'. Familiar looking redhead Wendy has 2 pgs (was Ann in 7/73). Bright, glossy -  Fine

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