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Kim Martin-p

Busty blonde model from the late 70s - early 80s. Appeared in scores of magazines including numerous PN slicks. Often appeared anonymously or with bogus names. Kim Martin is from FLING 3/79. She was Sherry Newman in GENT 6/81 and covergirl of BLOCK BUSTERS v8 #1.

Gent - 1980-10

Gent - 1980-10

Uschi Digard has FC + 4 pgs of vintage B&W pics and Maryanne (aka Geri Mandel) gets a CF feature w/ 7 pgs. Bambi Leigh and Kim Martin as 'Sherry Newman' each have 5 pgs, Dee Dee Wickizer (billed as Yum Yum Yankowitz) shares 4 pgs w/ Bette Williams and Debbie Golemis has 3 pgs. Linda Keach has 7pgs and Sue has 6 pgs. Plus an Interview with Jamie Gillis and articles about the Israeli Mossad and cannabalism. Bright & glossy, a few minor stresses - FINE

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