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Alice Conet-p

Busty blonde actress/model from the early 70s. This is almost certainly a bogus name but is the only thing even close to an ID that I can find for this model. Her pics appeared in numerous mags but quite often with only a single name or none at all. This was the name used for her appearance in All Man 11/72 - Covergirl w/ pictorial. She was also Covergirl w/ pictorial in Cavalcade 5/70 as 'Carol' and was in Night & Day 7/70, again as 'Carol'.

    Cavalcade - 1970-05

    Cavalcade - 1970-05

    Product ID: cavd1970-05d
    v10 #1 - Good issue! Very familiar looking busty blonde Covergirl Carol also has 4 pgs (she is Covergirl of All Man 11/72 as 'Alice Conet'). Brat Anderson has 5 pgs as 'Heidi', Cindy has 5 pgs inc CF and Frances has 5 pgs (Bunny Bacon??). Plus Uschi Digard has 4 pgs as 'Corrine', Marianne, Gina & Kathy each have 4 pgs. A feature on the movie Myra Breckenridge starring Raquel Welch, and an article on the Mercedes 280SL. Strong sharp VG+

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