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popular Model/porn star from the mid 80s to early 90s w/ normally short reddish hair. Is probably best known for huge tattoo of a leopard and snake running from breast to crotch as well as multiple piercings. aka Stephanie Bishop

Dildo Lovers - v1 #4

Dildo Lovers - v1 #4

Product ID: pn-dillov-v1.4
1990 from American Art Enterprises, Inc. 44 pgs, 6 in color. Covergirl Viper also has 10 pgs. Janna has BC + 9 pgs (she is also in Hot Snatch v1.3 as 'Lorraine'), Megan has 8 pgs (she is also in Sex-O-Rama #24) and there are 10 pgs of random pics. Light spine wear o/w new.

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