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Now you too can enjoy all of the magazines you've only heard of in passing but could never find or afford. The 'Sam' and 'Robin" series featuring Roberta Pedon, the 'Sherie' series from Marquis with the one and only Uschi, rare Bettie Page digest mags from the 50s, 'CANDY' #1, 2 & 3, and so much more.

In this unique series of CDs each magazine has been scanned or photgraphed, page by page, from cover to cover - NOTHING has been left out. All images are extremely high resolution JPEG's which look great on either your computer or TV and which produce photo quality prints. Only top of the line equipment and materials have been used ensuring professional quality throughout - these are NOT cheap home made, grainy, washed out junk - you will be amazed at the quality or your money back!!!!


Each magazine is presented in it's entirety on a separate CD for only $9.95, This fabulous offer includes free shipping (on CDs only) - no hidden charges, you pay only $9.95 per CD. Sorry, free shipping applies to US only. We will bill exact postage only.


Obviously this list is somewhat biased and nowhere near complete. Additional books will continue to be added in a timely fashion so check back often.

Still not sure?? Try our Sampler CD - over 100 images from 50 different magazines in all the categories listed. Includes some covers, Centerfolds and all kinds of good stuff.
More than enough to dispell any doubts and guaranteed to make you want more.
Price for the Sampler CD is 9.95 (same as our regular CDs) if purchased alone. That 9.95 will be refunded on your first order for 3 or more other CDs @ normal prices.
If you already want 3 or more CDs and would like the sampler as well there is no charge. Just choose the appropriate option when placing your order and the cost will show up as $0.00 on your order form.

The number one Pin-Up Queen of all time featured in a fabulous selection of rare mags from the 50s and up. For more modern mags such as 'The Betty Pages', 'Fond Memories', 'Tease' and more use this link.http://www.kenritchie.com/bettie_page.htm

OR Thanks for the Mammaries. Big Bust Stars of the 60s, 70s & 80s. including Joyce Gibson, Nika Movenka, Roxanne Brewer,Candy, Kitten, Uschi and many more.

Movie Stars, Glamor Girls, Bikinis and Lingerie. All of your favorites from the 40s, 50s and 60s including June Wilkinson, Raquel Welch and June Palmer

Total XXX action featuring all the legends of porn.