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Valerie Le Fevre-p

Very busty brunette model from the late 80s - mid 90s. Appeared in numerous issues of GENT.

    Busty Beauties - 1993-03

    Busty Beauties - 1993-03

    Product ID: hubb1993-03e
    NIkki Knockers has FC + 8 pgs and Black model Angel has 8 pgs inc CF. Natalie Banus has 5 pgs as 'Sabra', Zelda has 5 pgs and Selena Steele & girlfriend Goldie Star share 7 pgs. Plus Valerie Lefevre, Debbie Quarry and Louise Leeds (as Lilly Longtree) each have 2 pgs. Rocki Mountains begins monthly column. Bright & glossy, a few stresses and BC has vertical wrinkle about 1" in from spine - VG 

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