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Molly McCreading

Popular British model from the mid 70s made multiple apps in Men Only and Club mags as well as Oui and Penthouse.

aka Stacey Channing.

    Club - 1976-02

    This is v1 #12 because 12/75 and 1/76 were a combined issue designated as v1 #11. Covergirl Laurette is also on FC of Men Only v41.02 and has a pictorial in 3/76. Molly McCreading has 9 pgs inc CF - an ad for 8 mm movies on pg 81 calls her Stacey Channing. Karyl Pierson (aka Kelly St. John) has 7 pgs, Olivia Clark (aka Barbara Castle, previously called Sasha in 2/75) has 5 pgs and Hilary Corona (aka Caroline Taborinne) has 6 pgs as 'Lois Hersh'. Girlfriends Agony (aka Agnes Harrington) and Serena ( NOT that one) have 7 pgs in a horse trough. Also an Interview with the Mitchell Brothers, a pictorial feature on NY nightclub The Blue Angel and an article on cult figures of our time. Olivia de Berardinis has a 2 pg illo titled 'Water Babies' and John Holmes also has a 2 pg illo.

    Note: the same photo sets of Karyl Pierson and Lois Hersh are also in Men Only v40.12; the same photo sets of Molly McCreading and Agony & Serena are also in Men Only v41.01 plus Molly is on the FC. 

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    Club - 1976-07

    Covergirl is Andi Currie - she also has 7 pgs in 8/76 and 10 pgs in 9/76 w/ 2 other girls and she is also FC & CF of MEN ONLY v41 #7. Tamara (last name Alleyne in MEN ONLY v41 #6) has 9 pgs inc CF, Astrid Ohlsson (covergirl from first issue) has 6 pgs as 'Sheila' and Cleo has 6 pgs - she is also in Men Only v41.06. Plus 'Lashings of Fun' - 6 pgs of bondage pics featuring Conchita, a 2-girl set (1 is Molly McCreading) also in Men Only v41.03, a guy and 2 girls made up as mannequins and Fiona Richmond in San Francisco. Interview with golfer Jack Nicklaus and Olivia de Berardiis has a 2 pg. illo 'Grope Therapy'.

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    Club - 1977-12

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    Covergirl is Molly McCreading. Pat Astley has 9 pgs inc CF as 'Lora' - she is also in 2/78 and is FC & CF of Men Only v43.01. Mona Solomons has 7 pgs - same photo set in Men Only v42.08. Jill has 7 pgs, Barbara has 7 pgs - also in Men Only v42.08, Janet has 7 pgs & Willie has 5 pgs. Chris Achilleos has a 2 pg illo, an Interview with movie director Otto Preminger and an article about drug paraphenalia. VG+

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    Penthouse - 1976-12

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    Jane Hargrave (British Pet of the Year) FC + 13 pgs. Adrian King has 13 pgs inc CF. Melanie Richards has 6 pg pictorial and Molly McCreading and boyfriend have 10 pgs. Mag contains a 16 pg detachable calendar for 1977. Interview w/ author Alex 'Roots' Haley. Article about America's Secret Police Network - the LEIU - Law Enforcement Intelligence Unit. Also articles about 'Mao's Poisoned Legacy', Cognac and stereo equipment. Fiction by John Irving 'The Curs of the Upper Class'. Bill Lee cartoons - 5 pgs of 'Toys for Degenerate Children'. Oh Wicked Wanda 2 pg comic strip. Nice VG+

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