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Julie Morrison-p

Busty, attractive Black model popular from the mid 80s to mid 90s. Appeared in several issues of Players Girls Pictorial as well as titles such as GALLERY & HUSTLER.

aka Kamali 

    Gallery - 1994-01

    Girl Next Door of the Year Michelle (was in 9/92) has FC + 14 pgs inc CF. Current GND Stephanie has 11 pgs. Black model Julie Morrison aka Kamali has 6 pgs as 'Jade', Julie Hart has 6 pgs as 'Billie', Jane Botham has 8 pgs as 'Morgan' and Marlene Morreau has 8 pgs as 'Farah'. Bronson has 8 pgs & Candace has 6 pgs. College Basketball preview and a feature on new cars.

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    Hustler - 1994-01

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    Covergirl Julia Ann has 10 pgs inc a 3 pg foldout CF as 'Estee'. Black model Julie Morrison aka Kamali has 8 pgs as 'Jade' and Cathy Tress has 6 pgs as 'Lisa'. Girlfriends Valerie & Meg share 8 pgs and Hannah has 8 pgs w/ boyfriend Hank. Articles about women in prison and antigun fanatics. FINE

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