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Parliament News appeared about 1958 on the West coast and over the next 5 years acquired dozens of smaller publishers and distributors. By the early 60s they were the dominant distributor and would remain so for the next 20 years. Nearly all of their publications can be identified by the Parliament News ( PN ) logo on the front cover. From the earliest days these were the so-called "adult book store" magazines. More daring than their newstand competitors they were printed in much smaller numbers - thousands vs. hundreds of thousands - which accounts for their relative scarcity. The page counts of these magazines were generally much smaller than newsstand magazines since they had very few, if any advertisements - usually for their own products. Cover prices on these mags also tend to be higher (usually at least double) than for contemporary newstand issues. From the late 50s until about 1968 these books are classified as "Vintage" and a separate listing can be found under that heading. Beginning about 1969, with the advent of the "Jaybird" series and similar books (including many nudist magazines) the photography became much more explicit and went from mainly single girl photo sets to lots of couples, groups & orgies and tons of psuedo-scientific nonsense such as many of the titles by rival Pendulum Publishing. Most of this was simulated soft-core sex.

Although Parliament News is by far the largest distributor and accounts for the major portion of the magazines in this section, there are numerous other publishers/distributors and these have been listed for each individual magazine when known. Some of these include, Marquis, Briarwood, and Golden State News (GSN).

Front Covers on CD
Incredible selection of nearly 3000 different magazines including all those listed on this website. All presented in alphabetical, chronological order so you can find what you want quickly and easily.

Parliament News & Other Slicks - Modern
Major titles such as 38-26-34, 40+, Blockbusters, BB&B, Busts+, Kingsize, Knockers & Nipples, LB&L and Party Girls are broken out separately.
Hundreds of scarce celebrity covers featuring Roberta Pedon, Candy Samples, Uschi Digard, Roxanne Brewer, Laura Lynnwood, Nika Movenka and many, many more of your favorite models.

In addition to Parliament News titles there is a good selection of other publishers including Briarwood, Marquis, Golden State News plus Acme & Pendulum as well as Eros Goldstripe and Maverick specials.

Parliament News & Other Slicks - Special Categories
Separate sections for a variety of topics - Black Girls, Bondage & Discipline, Catfights, Lactating Women, Lesbian, Rubber & Leather, Shaved Girls, Vampire & Goth and much more! 

Parliament News & Other Slicks - Vintage
Many obscure Publishers represented including Beacon, Delilah, Sampson, Sari, Selbee, Tower and others. Many issues of Broadside, Cocktail, French Follies, French Frills, High Time, Madcap, Nightcap, Rapture, Showcase, Snap, Tonight and hundreds of one-shots. Loads of celebrity covers featuring Bonnie Logan, Terry Higgins and June Wilkinson plus Scores of issues w/ Vicki Kennedy, June Palmer, Joan Brinkman and other top models from the late 50s and early 60s.