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Jay Sweet-p

Busty model from the 90s usually with fairly long, curly patinum blonde hair.

Has used several names including Cheri Taylor, Angelica Fox, Jay LaBelle and Jude Conway

Genesis - 1992-08

Product ID: gene1992-08d
Debbie Jackson has FC + 9 pgs inc CF as 'Sally' (she was FC & CF of 3/92 and is in 1/93). Suzie Boobies & girlfriend Jay Sweet share 8 pgs (this photo shoot was used in several diff. mags) and Tracy Winn has 6 pgs. Deborah, Kelli and Adrianne each have 8 pgs, Mattie has 6 pgs. Article about the Four Queens Poker Classic. VG+

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Genesis - 1993-04

Birgit has FC + 9 pgs, Jay Sweet has 12 pgs inc CF as 'Melina'. Chessie Moore has both sides of a Giant 8 pg detachable Poster - each side is a single 8 pg photo! Gina Wildes has 8 pgs as 'Monique' and Solange has 6 pgs as 'Tracy'. Girlfriends Paula & Ani (is Vida Garman) share 8 pgs. Jacki has 8 pgs and Kita (she is also in 4/92 & 11/93) and boyfriend have 7 pgs.

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