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Darlene (English)-p

Incredibly popular busty blond model who appeared in scores of mags from the mid 70s to early 80s under a variety of names. Was Covergirl & CF for GEM 9/76 as 'Yum Yum Darlene'. A few months later was covergirl and CF for FLING 1/77 as 'Yuma Robertson'. Had another CF in FLING 5/82. Appeared as CF in BUF 5/79 as 'Darlene'. Had multiple apps in GENT as 'Yum Yum Yankowitz' inc a 6/81 CF. A retrospective in JUGGS 3/97 identifies her as 'Darlene English'. Other early apps include VUE 11/76, SWINGLE 3/77, CLIMAX 6/77 inc CF and ALL MAN 10/77. Also appeared in numerous PN slicks such as 38-26-34 (was CF in v13 #4), Knockers & Nipples v3 #1 - entire mag as 'Denise' and Top Heavy Girls 4/77 - FC and pictorial as 'Gina'.
Had to pick one name to use and 'Yum Yum' was short and easy to remember.Yum Yum - see listings under that name.

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