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This is another title that did not feature pictorials of specific girls but was basically a collection of random photos. That format lasted thru the first 9 volumes but beginning with v10 #1 the magazine switches to a series of defined pictorials featuring specific girls.

Like other PN mags it was subject to reprinting but to a far greater degree than I have previously encountered. This fact plus a couple of title changes can make tracking the publication history of this title a bit difficult.

Beginning with v1 #1 (1-2-3/70) the title is "Kingsize" (the first 'I' in the word is dotted by a crown symbol, thru the first 13 volumes at which point it is dropped). Then the word 'International' was added to the title starting with v7 #1 (1-2-3/76). It remained thru the issue of v10 #1 but with v10 #2 it was deleted and the title reverted to the original 'Kingsize'.

Not too complicated, but at just about the same time the word 'International' was being added to the title, a second publication titled 'Kingsize International' began publishing in England. That publication was produced under license from PN and had a separate numbering system that started with v1 #1. Most issues of that title were reprints of other PN pubs including 38-26-34, Block Busters and of course, the original 'Kingsize'. (Please see the separate description of 'Kingsize International' and individual issues for more details.)

So you have a situation where there is a magazine titled 'Kingsize International' v7 #1, published by AAE and dated 1-2-3/76 as well as 'Kingsize International' v1 #3 published by Lashgrade Ltd. in England and also dated 1976. The easiest way to tell which is which is that the British magazines have the cover price listed in British Pence and regular American issues have the cover price in dollars. Also the American issues will have much higher volume numbers.

In addition to the British issues there are also a number of other reprints that I can only speculate about. For instance The first issue of Kingsize is dated 1-2-3/70 and has a cover price of 3.00. The title was published quarterly (every 3 months) and the first 8 issues (thru 1971) all have a 3.00 cover price. Listed on the site is a copy of v1 #4 dated 10-11-12/72 (should be 1970) with a 3.50 cover price (which is correct for 1972 but not 1970). Also a copy of v2 #1 dated 1-2-3/73 (instead of 1971) and a 3.50 cover price. I assume they are exact duplicates of the original pubs since they don't match up with any other issues. I also have an undated, uncredited copy of v11 #3 with a 7.00 cover price but v11 #3 was published in 1980 and had a 5.00 cover price.

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Kingsize - v05.3-Reprint

Product ID: Kingsize - v05.3-rep
Not sure what the story on this one is. There is no contents page or any publication info. It has 64 pgs so it doesn't seem to be missing any pgs. Is completely different from other v5 #3. Appears to be a reprint, but of what?

FC of girl with a microphone. Penny Ellington has an amazing 28 pgs throughout the book! Roberta Pedon has BC + 3 pgs, Jackie Gloves has CF, Dean Ackerlund & Heather Collins each has 2 pgs, Uschi has a full pg pic, and other familiar faces too. Normal wear but nothing serious - clean and bright - VG

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Kingsize - v09.4

Product ID: Kingsize - v09.4b
(10-11-12/78) - Uschi Digard has FC + 4 pgs of color pics. Keli Stewart has 2 pgs of color pics. Dee Dee, Janice Hurst, Yum Yum and Lori - the Mystery Girl have full pg color pics. Lots of other full pg pics and familiar faces. Very lightly read, nearly new - FINE+

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Kingsize - v10.4

Product ID: Kingsize - v10.4c
(11-12/79 - 1/80) - Janice Hurst has FC + 6 pgs inc CF. Elaine (is 'Corbett' in v15.3) has BC + 8 pgs, Stella (was FC of v9.2) has 6 pgs. Plus Sherry, Joelle and Patty. Lightly read, bright, glossy - FINE

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