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Shipping Information

The base rate for shipping is $8.95 and is applied to the first item in any given order.
An additional charge of 1.00 per item will be added for each item after the first.
In most cases these charges will cover the cost of Priority Mail & Delivery Confirmation. Your actual results may vary based on your specific order and where you are located. Shipments to the West coast tend to take an extra day or two due to greater distances involved. 

The following guidelines will help you to quickly estimate the charges for shiping via priority mail in the US.
1. Each magazine will normally weigh between 1/2 and one pound when bagged & boarded and packed for shipment. 
2. For each additional pound after the first add 1.00.
3. Priority Mail normally takes 2 -3 days, a bit longer to the West coast.
4.Insurance is optional.

For shipments outside the US we recommend Priority Mail. Available to most countries, the cost is $37.45 ($26.90 to Canada), and will usually cover up to 4 (and maybe 5) magazines and be delivered in about a week.

From this point on it becomes exceedingly complex to get an exact estimate due to the huge number of variables involved. Rates vary based on both weight and distance and there are numerous different service providers each with various levels of service and of course, a separate rate table for every last one of them. Also, the actual container and materials used to pack each order will vary depending on the compostion of the order itself.

We will be happy to figure the shipping for you and only bill you for the exact cost of the services chosen when that exceeds the base rate for your order. To exercise this option you need do nothing. The base rate will automatically be added and show up on your order confirmation. Should the total need to be adjusted it will be handled at the time the order is processed. We will do our best to insure you receive the most economical rates - we'd rather you buy more magzines than pay for postage! Please feel free to add any notes or comments on how you would prefer your order to be shipped. Although we cannot guarantee your request will be honored, we will do our best to accomodate your needs. 

Countless other options exist such as Express Mail, FedEx, UPS, etc. Once upon a time all of these published written price lists and it was easy to compare the cost between carriers. Now, there is no such thing as written price lists, but there are plenty of hidden 'Fuel Surcharges', 'Residential Delivery Charges', 'Dimensional Weight Surcharges' and other unknowns that make it virtually impossible to determine in advance how much the actual charge will be - unless you want to make a career out of figuring it out. With over 40 years experience in mail order and thousands of satisfied customers we are well prepared to see to it that your favorite collectibles arrive undamaged and in the condition advertised, and most importantly, at a reasonable cost to you! 

All orders are discretely billed, packaged and labelled.